01 December, 2008


Today there is need of collective and effective actions against terrorism.I salute those who lost their valuble lives during fighting against these terrorists.The politicians are critisising on each other in place of searching the new solutions and new ways to avoid the repeatations of theattacks.I think the resigns of Shivrajji Patil,R.R.Patil,Vilasrao Deshmukh is not the solution to solve the main issues which are need to be cleared by the govt.Opposition parties demanded the resigns and the highcommand orders for resignation is the victory of opposition leaders.Our leaders are busy in making clashes between the UP,BIHAR,MAHARASHTRA etc.and on the other side terrorists from outside are attacking our main industrial city.All parties should jointly concentrate for improvement of the working of intelligance beuro and how to stop the curruption of the officers working in govt.The chief minister should not be changed.

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