29 November, 2008

भारत एक सुरक्षित देश

We can definately make India a safer place but the main hurdles are CURRUPTION,POVERTY,ILLITERACY to pullback India.Indian culture in old days was a wellknown for honesty,brave people,hardworkers etc.We must proud of the almost 60% indians are working in IT field in America.In Forbes list there are remarkable Idians in a good number.In England most of Indian docters practicing very remarkabely.But what they are doing for their own India ?First of all our politicians should be honest and they should work actively for poor people.Indian govt.should make education free for poors.Criminals should be punished very hard and in short time( not 13-14 years ).Number of judges should be increased so that the the justice can be given.If these factors are improved,India will be MAHASATTA in the world.