05 March, 2009

सेलेब्रेशन ऑफ़ पोवेर्टी

One can understand the entertainment of 20-20 cricket but it is definately not so important to spend so much time and money which is helping to earn crores of money by the sponsors.whereas the slum area in India is still struggling for their primary needs.The sponsors like Shahrukh,Preeti Zinta,Mukesh Ambani,Vijay Mallya etc.should be visit Melghat to observe malnourished childs.They should also visit to the below poverty line people to know their pain,their illiteracy otherthan taking so much keen interest in choosing beautifull cheergirls for 20-20 matches.
It is also must for the spectators to analyse this contraversy. Now a days We are busy in celebrating the Oscar award won by the film which is made on poor situation of our country,but we have feel shame that we are celebrating our poverty.

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