20 January, 2009

महान ओबामा

First of all I feel myself very lucky to watch the oath ceremony live on IBN LOMAT channel.It was the only indian channel which gave me the great opportunity to observe the spectaculer grand ceremony of the oath.Today in karnatak there is a chrisis between marathi & kanadi.while Barak Obama in his first speech after oath says "we are one".There is very big challange before Obama is to come out from the economic chrisis in America.He confidently said we will do it.It was feeling that Obama is talking not only before Americans but he is addressing to whole world.Todays IBN LOKMAT question is Will Obama give new direction to the world? YES,he will definately give new direction.more than 75% answers are yes.It will be very intersting to observe what will the plans of Obama to come out from the economic chrisis.

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