15 September, 2008

Carelessness of Noida Police

In Arushi hatyakand case accused Rajkumar and Hemraj released on bail by honourable court only because of the carelessness of Noida police. Within 90 days from the FIR police couldnot file the chargesheet in the court,so the both accused got bail and came out from the jail easily and now enjoying and facing the cameras of various TV channels. There are many doubtfull points can be point out in the delay for chargesheet by police. In Noida the ratio of crime is so high in comparative to other areas that one can be think about the honesty in the investigation by police. There is necessary to appoint a responsible Officer for the reasons of failure to convict the accused. General public expected the conviction in this and previous Noida murders of innocent childs but public disappointed because of conspiracy of police with accused. There is an unfortunate for general public that police are inefficient to convict the accused.

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